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At GDC Development we build the infrastructure that supports some of the most successful digital marketing platforms in the i-gaming industry. We create high quality assets that can shine in this fast paced market, and help our clients react quickly to capture and convert traffic into high-value customers.

About GDC Development

GDC Development was founded in 2020 (as N-DEV) as the technical arm of an award nominated digital marketing company. We helped them to propel straight to the forefront of their industry at record speed and build lasting relationships with the biggest brands in their field. We now provide backend solutions and engaging website design for marketing platforms in over 15 countries, and are proud to be part of the international GDC Group.

  • Innovation

    We like to experiment, innovate and iterate. We have never been satisfied with ‘good enough’ and are continually striving for ways to make both our backend systems and user interfaces better.

  • Information

    We love new ideas, but we take a data-driven approach to all that we do, testing and optimising our products as we go. Our team is actively committed to learning & development to help us stay one step ahead and ensure that our services remain on the cutting edge.

  • Integration

    We don’t believe in silos and want all of our systems to work with each other. This interconnectivity extends to our clients as we take the time to listen to what they need and build the specs together. The GDC Development team is essentially multi-dispilinary at heart, and we all take a hands on approach with everything we build, challenging and encouraging each other as we go.

  • International

    Our clients span the globe, with our main partners headquartered in Malta, Ireland, Florida, North Carolina, Finland and Netherlands.


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A wealth of stacks and expertise makes GDC Development perfect partner in building websites for small, medium and large businesses.

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